I know I should blog more regularly. You know how it is. We get busy and distracted. Sometimes we're so tied up  with the immediate, it's easy to get caught up in the moment.


The truth is, blogging for me at least, is more difficult compared to writing an entire story.

My past two blogs were about Baxter the Cat, how he came to be, our lives with him and his recent passing.  I heard some wonderful things. Thank you so much, especially my friends on Social Media.


Mondays seem to be (in our household at least) the day when anything that could go wrong, does.

I won't go into a lot of detail except to say I didn't feel too appreciated. And I decided to write my university assignment.

Ladies I know you get the picture.


Well, earlier this morning I had placed my Pilates mat on the floor.  I should've gotten right to but 'my rights and how I felt took center stage.  "Blah, blah..."

With that, I turned and went back to my mat. Except, there was something on it.

Ben, one of my dogs, a Plott Hound,  had placed his coveted Nylabone in the center of my mat. A gift of appreciation for sure as he's very 'protective' of it and NOONE is allowed to have it. Yet he presented it to me.

I turned. He sat on his haunches quietly, then got up,  came over and licked my face. Did I feel appreciated? You bet I did. And humbled and loved.

Lesson 1 million and something learned.  Until next time...


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