After ten years of rejection, objections and downright insulting remarks, Cassie finally lands a book contract with a major publisher for her historical romance novel. Written under her pen name, the book goes on to become a smashing success, hitting the Bestseller list.

     Two years later, while in edit on her new suspense novel, Cassie bolts awake one night, gasping for air, shaken to the core.

     Could it be true? The dream seemed so real.

     Cassie must face the overwhelming reality. She'd been drugged and assaulted while on her Book Signing Tour. A night of terror ensues as those responsible try to take her life.

     But who would want to harm her? Why? How were they able to gain access into her hotel room?

     As new revealing details emerge, Cassie must consider those she loves as possible suspects in a game of 'now you see it, now you don't, before they try again.


     Welcome to the Synopsis of my novel in progress. Thirty seven thousand words into it so far.

     Not easy. To build a good story takes time, mostly because of research. In this case, lots and lots of it.

     It got me to thinking; what kind of a person would do such a thing and delight in bringing such harm to another?

     What would make them laugh like hyenas as they terrorize their victim throughout the night?

     Research revealed the following about this personality type. Understand there can be variations. Just because a person may be a narcissist does not make them a sociopath. But all sociopaths are narcissists.

     1. Consider their personality and mannerisms. Overly entitled, their beliefs are the absolute authority. Haughty, arrogant, though they hide this at first. Otherwise you might turn tail and run. They are at first too good to be true.

     2. Entitled. They are number one. In fact there is no number 2, 3, etc. They are it, period. In their eyes we and the world are considered unwashed peasants, available for their use when it suits them.

     3. They exhibit abnormally daring behavior with others. The way they interact with others can also be an indicator. These folks are good at convincing others to do their bidding, even if it means breaking the law. (which their minions do gladly.

     4. Lack of empathy, but will appear to look and speak concerned. (They learn this by watching and mimicking others.) 

     5. If it looks too good to be true, well?  

     There's more but I think you get the gist.

     These folks really exist?


     Poor Cassie or any other real person who happens upon a character such as this.

     I've met a few in my life but realized just a little too late. Older now, age and life experience have given way to discernment. Those same experiences wouldn't shake me up quite so badly now.

    If fact, I'd laugh. It's only the devil and his minions. Their fate is sealed.

    So is ours as Christians.

     It's only the world... 

     My best to you,




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